I am drawn to pieces that have a talisman vibe to them. As I collect them I turn them into wearable art. I can’t wear them all, so I opened a store.

I was a retail shop owner for 20 years, so having a shop is in my blood. When I closed my brick and mortar store I knew that Etsy was for me. I love the spirit of the artists helping each other promote their work. I also do craft shows a few times a year. I love interacting with the people that attend and actually meeting the people who buy my jewelry. I really enjoy the process of finding the pieces that I choose. I feel like I am on a treasure hunt, like a hunter/gatherer. I also love the process of putting the pieces together. They speak to me and tell me how they should look. I like to use antique and vintage pieces that have a spiritual or talisman vibe to them because they have their own story and history, and you can see and feel that in the final product. I see wearing jewelry as much more than just a thing of beauty. There is always some deeper meaning or sentiment behind it also.

People always ask me how I got the name, rabbits feathers & bone, so this is a good place to put it down. The explanation takes a while, and a lot of times I feel like they are sorry they asked. I tend to get very impassioned about it, and ramble a bit.

I decided to dive in to selling my work in 2011, in “The year of the rabbit.” I love the significance of the Chinese calendar and the lucky symbolism of the rabbit. When I was a child I had a rabbits foot key chain ( which seems really gross to me now ) but I really considered it lucky.

I also have always been drawn to the beauty of feathers and it has always astounded me that they actually come from an animal. I designed hats for a while and I think it was because I got to use so many feathers. Many cultures such as the Native Americans find feathers to be lucky and when one of my children finds a feather on the ground they feel like it is their lucky day. I also love the word “feather.” How it looks and how it sounds.

Finally, Bone is what links most of us dwelling on this earth, together. Most living, breathing things are made of bone. It is what remains. Many cultures use animal bone to make tools, beads, jewelry, etc. so it lives on once we are gone. I also love the word “bone.” I love it’s simplicity.

So there you have it…………….!